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Zappy’s Wash is a strong example of the impact that signage can have on your car wash. After acquiring the wash in 2011, Zappy’s spent several years seeking to increase profitability, with limited success. But in 2015 they began a partnership with TSS. Adding signs brought a level of excitement to the wash. Customer expectations have increased – any wash can offer cleanliness, but Zappy’s is able to offer a fun, entertaining experience that allows it to stand head-and-shoulders above competitors.

After partnering with TSS, Zappy’s average ticket increased by over 30%, while volume nearly doubled. Zappy’s investment of $35K was returned to them in only four months, but the improved performance and profitability remain to this day. So call us, and let us put our 26 years of car wash marketing experience to work, helping you to increase customer satisfaction, and watch your sales skyrocket